Quality Policy


Quality Policy

DESIGN-ONE endeavours to ensure quality, appropriate engineering and timeous completion of our projects.  Our reputation will be our trademark.  The achievement of this is through personal involvement and commitment by our Partners to ensure the best possible advice and solutions are achieved at all times.  

DESIGN-ONE is a firm of Consulting Engineers, specialising in the Feasibility, Investigation, Planning, Design and Management of Engineering Projects for the Built Environment.

The aims of DESIGN-ONE are:

  • to strive for Quality in what we do.

  • to aim for prosperity for all our colleagues.

  • to strive to give quality and knowledgeable training to our staff.

 DESIGN-ONE has the vision and skills to provide a better and more intimate service and relationship to Clients by:

  • Providing Clients with quality and excellent service, which will be of a standard second to none.

  • Being widely known and respected with a reputation for quality and ability to deliver.

The objectives of the firm are to seek excellence and quality in all aspects of what we do.


Engineering Design Intent

As capital and running costs of projects rise, DESIGN-ONE Consulting Engineers through its Method Statement and Quality policy are continually researching the possibilities of providing innovative yet cost acceptable designs. We endeavour to provide practically simple and integrated engineering systems to give an appreciation of the environment in energy efficient buildings.


Method Statement

The aim of DESIGN-ONE is to give our clients the most cost effective solutions and designs as highlighted by the following points.
  • Pure Engineering Concepts of Design

  • Integrated Engineering Approach

  • Quality Assurance of design

  • Appreciation of Environment