Capability Statement

Infrastructure Development

The Firm has a permanent staff of qualified engineers experienced in many different fields of infrastructure engineering works ranging from water reticulation, irrigation and drainage works.

The Firm's involvement includes the full design of the works, the preparation of estimates and contract documentation, budgetary and financial control of the construction process and supervision of the work carried out by contractors.

This type of work also involves the Firm in the preparation of topographical and sub-soil surveys, the use of specialist sub-consultants and management of site supervisory staff.

Commercial and Retail Sectors

The Firm has been closely involved in the design and supervision of commercial and public buildings.   Work has been carried out for both public and private corporations either as prime consultants or as sub-consultants where an architect has been appointed by the Client to supervise the work.  The Firm has also worked with developers as part of a complete design/construct package.  Examples of design work carried out include:  high rise office blocks and apartments, commercial banks, government offices, multi-storey car parks, telephone exchanges, shopping centres, universities, schools and training colleges, hotels, theatres and restaurants.

Hotel and Tourism

The firm has undertaken a number of developments from cultural parks, hotels and safari camps, both regionally and locally.

Housing and Town Planning

The service offered by the Firm in this area focuses attention on the two main requirements of urban development whether this be in developing or developed countries.

  • The need to integrate the economic and physical land use planning with the needs of the social environment; and

  • The organisation of institutional structures and management to facilitate the decision making progress to ensure the development is programmed effectively.

The Firm's services include:

  •  The organisation of institutional structures and management to facilitate the decision making progress to ensure the development is programmed effectively

  • Guidance and advisory service to planning authorities on development requirements and programmes.

  • Preparation of briefs for development programmes.

  • Preparation of planning and detailed proposals including all documentation for local authority planning and byelaws approvals.

  • Studies and recommendations regarding the social needs of housing settlements.

  • Studies and recommendations to establish the economic basis for such settlements.

  • Preparation of proposals for the establishment of comprehensive planning management teams.

Industrial, Agro Industrial and Process works

This has been and is currently the principle activity of the Firm.  The type of industrial work carried out has included projects ranging from steelworks to assembly plants, whilst the agro-industrial projects have included abattoirs, dairies, poultry farms, horticultural schemes and sugar factories.

Planning and Management

This service is aimed at providing for the client, an organisational set-up that is capable of and responsible for achieving project completion on time, within budget and in accordance with the client's requirements. 

The services provided include:

  • Cost Estimating - preparation of detailed project cost estimates, costing of alternatives for a project and the production of feasibility studies.

  • Contract Planning - planning of manpower and resources for all stages of a project from inception to commissioning, including the integration of the different disciplines involved, the preparation of critical path networks, the detailed planning of each work stage, the preparation of cash flows, monthly reporting on programme achievement and cash flow adjustments.

  • Cost Management - the preparation of project estimates, budgets and monthly reports, the certification of invoices and the agreement of claims, the cost of variations to the works and cost forecasting.

  • Procurement - the preparation of supply or construction contract specifications and tender documentation.  The adjudication of tenders and reporting on tenders received, the award of contracts for the supply of products or services, the inspection of equipment being fabricated, the expedition of equipment deliveries and the acceptance of equipment on delivery.

The planning and management services provided by the Firm can be adjusted to complement the client's own organisation and wherever possible, members of the client's own staff would be seconded onto the management team to give them detailed experience of the project being carried out.

DESIGN-ONE is an independent locally based team of experienced engineers with a broad range of world wide, regional and local experience, expertise and excellent team working skills. In all these areas of work the services provided by DESIGN-ONE include:

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical

  • Wet Services

  • Fire Engineering

  • Communications and IT

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Project Management

  • Security

Each project undertaken by DESIGN-ONE is tailor made in order to meet the individual & specific requirements of our Clients.